whelpdog (whelpdog) wrote,

things I am forswearing:

1) cigarettes

2) library DVD's

Number one is for all the usual reasons, plus I'm tying it in with my renewed job hunt, as I believe/hope that capacity for change in one area carries over to others. Giving myself a more realistic goal, I have declared the period from March 20-April 20 entirely tobacco-free; beyond that maaaaaaybe bumming one is ok*.

I'm actually doing quite fine wrt cravings; I have distracted myself with all the crap I've been ignoring during the day, then watching TV & movies at night.

About the movies, though: Christ Almighty, people have no respect for electronic media these days. Borrowing a library DVD is just a recipe for disappointment and frustration. Got 10 minutes into There Will Be Blood before the first epic fail, then a whole hour into The Golden Compass before it all went to shit.

God dammit, I need a smoke.


Just kidding, folks; sugar's doing me just dandy.

*wrt bumming, see next entry
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