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Laptop recommendations?

So, there's major changes in my work life happening, and one of them requires that I write much, much more.  My desktop at home is a piece of crap, and I need to be able to write outside of my house (it's cold, dark, and too easy to slack.)  Plus, I am planning to travel around the country for a bit, and would like to retain access to the cybernet.

Capabilities I need:
-word processing
-music/movie management (disc burning is nice too)
-light photo manipulation (croppping/resizing etc)

The basics, basically.

I'd like something good for travel (balance the weight/durability), with a full keyboard/screen, and which hopefully won't break in a year (or has a decent coverage plan)

I'd be willing to make the switch to a Mac (plus I have some hookups for discounts).

Anyone have any specific recommendations/deals to look out for?  Failing that, pointing me to a trustworthy review site would be helpful.
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