whelpdog (whelpdog) wrote,

Holiday notes

My parent's place is certainly familiar, but I would no longer refer to it (or New Jersey in general) as "home".

Most older and younger people cannot handle the level of garlic and chiles I like to use in broccoli rabe.

Do not ever buy pre-cut fruit salads, unless you are a fan of half-rotted fruit and wasted money.

You can get some pretty decent fried calamari with a shallow-fry, rather than the full-on bucket of hot oil.

Snoring may be passed down from father to sons.  Try not to sleep in the same bedroom.

You can make a pretty decent French Toast/bread pudding with stale bagels.  The sesame kind especially.  Custard proportions: 6 eggs, 6 egg yolks, 6 cups half & half.

When you have purple hair at Christmas mass, people will reserve their scornful stares for when you are not looking.  (And nieces are a good second set of eyes.)

When you really want something for Christmas, it's best to just tell your buyer directly what you want (and show them the best places to buy it).  Woot new Elph camera!

I bought a lot of really shitty comic books in the 90's.  At least I managed to escape puberty; I wonder if Rob Liefeld or Todd McFarlane ever did.

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