whelpdog (whelpdog) wrote,

I got a call last night

"Is this Mister Michael Whelpley?"

Who calls me Mister?  Is it a telemarketer?  Wait, that's a 609 area code; must be Princeton.

"Yes, it is indeed."

"My name is  ___, and I'm a freshman at Princeton University, and I'm calling to - "

"Oh yes, I hope you're making good use of my donation to the Annual Giving Campaign from last year."

I gave them 22 cents.  He knows this, as the cold-callers have a list of your donations over the years.

"Umm, yes, and -"

"- and I'll be quite happy to donate less than a dollar to Princeton this year.  Have a wonderful evening, sir."

"Uh, you too."

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Deleted comment

For some reason, Wellesley has never, ever called me for money. I'm not sure that they even call my parents. Which is good, because I'm easily guilt-tripped.

They kept calling Beth, though, and finally she was like "LOOK, JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A JOB AT APPLE DOES NOT MEAN I AM NOT PAYING OFF YOUR GODDAMN STUDENT LOANS." Then they stopped.