whelpdog (whelpdog) wrote,

A bit of unwelcome nostalgia

I've finally had to bring work home.  I'm still on hourly pay, but I promised that I'd get this cafe newsletter ready for publishing by tomorrow morning.  It's pretty much a fluff rag that nobody reads, but if it has my name on it, and I want it to be somewhat decent.

It's really not that much I have to do:
-write 8 paragraphs on our new daycare center (it's actually very impressive)
-explain Biodynamic gardening in 3 paragraphs
-reprint a recipe for a vegan Mexican Chocolate Coconut Ice "Cream" (protip: heavy coconut milk makes tasty vegan desserts)
-lay it all out on an MS Word template

None of this is very difficult, but I need to be in a proper state of mind to nail it down.  Folsom was great, but it's not helping here.

SO, it's back to the hs/college tradition of ingesting massive amounts of caffeine until inspiration and desperation collide at 3 PM. 

Might as well match some cartoons before that.
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